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I had a career, a house, an expensive car and I earned a lot of money. But still I was always looking for the next, the better, the further, the more expensive.
This search ends instantly when you are on a sailboat. And it even ends permanently when you actually live on a boat. Because when sailing, it's all about the 'now'.  The moment.

It doesn't take much to achieve that. Actually it doesn’t even take one second. One split second to have the courage to make this decision. Because once you've made it, everything else falls into place.

Documenting this idea of the ‘now‘ - of living the moment and sharing it with others - is something my professional background as a filmmaker and photographer helps me with tremendously. Because when we take pictures, we freeze time. And thus give a moment a sense of eternity. 

That's why I have decided to combine living and working on my boat.

Welcome to my journey.


Ragna is  a 33ft Compromis 999 built by Zaadnorddijk Jachtbuilders, better known as C-Yacht today. The dutch shipyard is known for their high building quality and  sturdy, seagoing ships.
Ragna is a center-cockpit yacht, which provides plenty of space to live and work down below. In Winter 2021/22 she got a somewhat extensive refit so that she is now equipped with an active AIS Transponder, Radar, an electric windlass, 560Ah LiFoPo4 Batteries, Solarpanels, red-light below and on deck, etc.

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Pointe du Raz/F
26.07.22 - 700 nm

Our position & weather

The yellow pins represent the next waypoints on our upcoming route, starting spring 2023.
Las chinchetas amarillas representan los siguientes puntos de nuestra próxima ruta, a partir de la primavera de 2023 😁

A Coruña/ES


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